JSC „ON OFF STAFFING GROUP“ is a successful joint Lithuanian – Norwegian enterprise. The operations of the enterprise are aimed at selection and provisional employment for a temporal staff being engaged endeavouring to second it to work for the benefit of the temporal employee pursuant to the labour lease agreement and under his management. The enterprise continually employs some 250-400 workers engaged in the enterprises and factories in Norway. Before departure the employee makes the labour contract, gets information about work, discusses accommodation and working conditions. The administration maintains regular contacts with employees by phone, email, communicates with administrations of enterprises and partners in Norway. Our partners provide the personnel with relevant information, visit them in factories, find accommodation for the employees. JSC „ON OFF STAFFING GROUP“ started its operations on 31 March 2005 and it is among the first enterprises in Lithuania providing provisional employment and personnel lease services for the makeshift workers employed by the employer’s enterprise (in this case by „ON OFF STAFFING GROUP“) for an agreed period of time and seconded to serve in another enterprise. Suchlike service is well-known in Western Europe, however, the British are the pioneers in the field. Such enterprises came into being in Great Britain in 1964. It was the Estonians who first began activities in the Baltic States. The Association of the provisional employment enterprises was founded in Lithuania in 2007 and our enterprise is its member.