Employment details

Employment of new applicants takes place and information about work in Norway is provided from Monday until Friday ONLY from 10:00 until 12:00 val. and from 14:00 until 16:00 in the address Raguvos st. 5, Kaunas, LT44275.

  The following documents must be presented in the employment interview: 1.   Curriculum vitae with a detailed description of the previous working experience and contact details (CV); 2.   Personal documents (passport or identity card) and a copy; 3.   Certificate attesting the person has no mental diseases; 4.   Certificate from the Center for Addictive Disorders; 5.   Certificate on the declared place of residence; 6.  Diploma awarded by training institutions and other pertinent documents attesting qualifications; 7.   Completed questionnaire available in pdf and doc formats; 8. Recommendations from the previous employers (if any). Note: persons who have no command of English are not registered! The following documents must be available for signing the labor contract:

  1. Passport of the Republic of Lithuania or the identity card;
  2. Number of the personal account in DNB bank (Luminor);
  3. Medical certificate for the traveller abroad (form 082a);
  4. Email address.